Home for Everybody

Everyone said that there’s no place like home and it’s true. You wouldn’t feel any coziness inside if it’s not your home. But, other people literally referring the home to their residence or their town. But in this blog, I am referring to a “church”. Home is not for yours only not even your family. … More Home for Everybody


I’m sure everyone is related to this kind of situation. My parents had a fight that’s why I decided to blog this. I’m their daughter and experiencing this, hearing them fighting and scolding each other makes me heartbreaking. Instead of stopping them to argue, I let them fight because I cannot even control them. Couples … More DisRESPECT


Whatever your religion is, if you believe in him then you are a believer. Religion doesn’t matter, right? What matters most is your faith, it really does. When you did something you may not know the result, you always pray to God to guide you. When you are with your family dining together, you will … More Believer.


                   There’s no bad reactions when you’re                     helping,right? That’s when you realize you can make other people happy and satisfied. 1 year ago when our group in our school decided to have an outreach program because we earn … More HELPING is SATISFYING

Unexpected Shopping

  Earlier, we went to SM Trece and waiting for Papa to meet us. So, before we go to the mall, my Dad called my Mom because he wants us to go to the mall because we’re going to buy my needs, specifically school supplies and school shoes. But that, I wasn’t ready. Like my … More Unexpected Shopping